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Jade Bracelet ~ Art Deco Vintage Sterling Silver

jade bracelet 1

Gotta love apple green jade! It’s such a clean, smart & sophisticated look! This marvelous treasure is in great vintage condition, both jade and sterling silver (marked) accents are in top notch condition. Jeweled with six (6) highly-polished oval, bezel-set natural apple green, green jadeite/ jade stones (tested) that are soft & sweetly appealing, it makes you want to touch their smoothness.

This bracelet is so sophisticated and smart looking. Each apple green jade stone has natural translucency and its own individualized flavor, measuring about .75 inch, including sterling end cap. The connecting sterling pieces depict carved oriental design and measure about .25 inch in overall width. Sterling silver push-in clasp closes securely, then has two (2) safety clasps, one on each side of the clasp.

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Lush Green 8mm Chinese Jade Bead Strand

Jade beads 1

For 5,000 years Imperial China used the word “jade” as something precious. Because jade is said to have all the attributes most valued in society. A symbol of purity and serenity, it is delicate, but will not break – is beautiful, but not impermanent, it can be flawed with lines, but still pleasing. It is believed to radiate divine unconditional love and balance the emotions. Held in the hand it can improve judgment – ancient silk traders often held jade while bartering. A small piece of jade worn around the neck was said to dispel illness.

Chinese jade first arrived in the West during the sixteenth century, brought from Canton by the Portuguese. Today jade continues to be a symbol of love, virtue, and status. With Chinese carvings reaching the highest value. The best jade has a waxy, pearly appearance. Feeling cool and so smooth, it seems soft to the touch. Yet hard enough that pressure from a sharp knife will not leave a mark.

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Tiny Flower Jade Ring


From the tiny rhodolite garnet nestled in the middle of the flower, to the vines and leaves that embellish the cup that the amethyst sits in – we love how something so intricate can be suitable for both the sobriety of work as well as the glamour and fun of the weekend. Wear it singularly or stacked.

Material Used

Bronze plated in 18KT rose gold with 18KT yellow gold gilding. Gemstones used -

8mm brilliant cut round pink amethyst
1.8mm brilliant cut round rhodolite garnet
Grade A jadeite

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Imperial Green Jade Engraved Ring

This beautiful jade ring band is carved from imperial green jade. The color of the ring is imperial green. The ring has carving of Lucky Bats and money coins, symbol of good luck and will bring you wealth. This is a great piece of jewelry for life. Because of the color of the jade and hand carving. Each ring color may look slightly different.

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White With Water Drop Apple Green Jade Bangle Bracelet

Size: Small
Inner in diameter: 2 1/4″ (56 mm)
Outer in diameter: 2 3/4″ (59 mm)
Wide: 1/2″ (12 mm)
Thick: 5/16″ (7 mm)
Stone: Genuine Burmese Icy Jade
Jade Type: Grade B
Condition: Excellent, no chip, no crack
Shape: Flat inside, round outside
Color: Semi -translucent smooth icy white and light lavenderall over with water drop pf apple green.
Comes with: Lucky Red Cushioned Bangle Box. You are ready to send this gift with no extra wrapping needed.

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Buddha Statue Pendant

This is the latest addition to Jade gifts. These wonderfully crafted pendants are made from A grade genuine natural nephrite Jade.

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Large Jade 3 Gods of Fortune

38-40″ inches tall.
This is a set of 3 wisemen.
The Longevity, the fortune god and the wealth god.
This is a set of 3 Wisemen, all hand carved from solid jade.
They are the “Fook-Happiness”, “Look-Fortune”, and “Soul-Longevity”.
They are very famous in Ancient China. You still can see their status everywhere today as people believe they can bring you all the luck.
They are believed to bring all the good things to you and your family.
It is a very traditional ancient Chinese sculpture.
They normally be placed and prayed together.
This set is made from one solid piece of green jade.
Very detailed in carving and large in size.

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Fine Quality Jade Teardrop Long Life Earrings

Jade Earings

Each stone was hand cut and polished to a fine finish and is set in this fine gold setting. These stones have a good translucent quality.

Made of genuine fine quality Jadeite Jade

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Round Natural Green Jade Necklaces

This beautiful necklace is created with 10mm non-treated round green jade beads and completed with a 14K safety ball clasp.

- Length: 16″
- Jade Beads: 10 mm
- Clasp: 14K/8 mm safety corrugated ball clasp
- All Natural Jade from Taiwan
- Red Leatherette Gift Boxed

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Green Jade Men’s Rolex Style Band Ring, 14K Gold

Green Jade Rolex Style Band Ring, 14k Gold. Because the stones are real and hand-cut, the actual item may appear slightly different than pictured.

Metal: 14k yellow gold

Material Type: jade

Jade size appx: 1/2″ x 3/8″

Jade color may very

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